saturn v0.1pre1 is out
Apr/10/2005 - Saturn first pre-release. Although not ready for production this pre-release is intended to announce the project among the FOSS comunity and to gather new developers to the project.

For now there's only one developer, working part-time in the project, but we still need some help for the following tasks:

  • Packager - .deb, .rpm and Makefile.PL (helpful gurus are also welcome)
  • Developers - perl developers are also welcome.
  • Job Scheduling Gurus - although we have some sort of experience with Job Scheduling there's no guru to define what is really needed.
  • Perl/Tk or Perl/GTK - future versions of Saturn will include GUI
  • Testers - testing is the best way to garantee quality

Please, if interested, contact me

ssched - Saturn Scheduler Daemon launching
Mar/16/2005 - First submit to CVS tree. ssched is now alpha, no big deal, just reading scheduling from database and running the job. More to come before release of v0.1

For v0.1 I hope to have crontab parser, and a crontab-like scheduler editor. Easier to do and easy to use. In a near future we'll have an graphic interface, probably GTK or Tk.

No job hierarchy and dependencies yet, but this is what I'm planning to the future. We'll also have centralized control of various crontabs. Wait to see.

Lauching Saturn - Job Scheduler for Network
Sep/01/2004 - Saturn is a Job Scheduler for Networks, or call it whatever you want to call ;o). What really matters is that using Saturn you will be able to manage Job Scheduling all over your network. All you need is Saturn, cron (Vixie's Cron is ok), and root access to all your network (or at least the support of root).

For those who don't know, Saturn is the Roman name for Chronos, the god of time, parent of Zeus (or Jupiter for Romans). Long story short, Saturn is Chronos for the Romans. And now it's also the Job Scheduler for Networks.

As you'll notice this is a starting project, and it is still in planing phase, as soon as I have time I will try to make it ready as soon as possible. Meanwhile anybody willing to help is welcome. Please, contact me: [mazza at].