Saturn - Job Scheduler for Network
Saturn is the Roman name for Chronos, the god of time, parent of Jupiter, god of the gods (or Jupiter for Romans).

Saturn is also Job Scheduler for Networks. Control local and remote job scheduling through simple commands similar to crontab or through graphical interface.

The basis of saturn is the execution of Jobs through the generaton of Events. It's possible to catch the following events:

  • Time Events - crontab-like, and at-like, events triggered by current date and time.
  • File System Events - file sizes, free space, file creation or deletion.
  • Job Events - Job start, job finish, job watch dog.
  • Script Events - user defined scripts return values

Saturn will include a GUI to control local and remote scheduling, making possible to visualize, control and relate local and remote Jobs and Events, syncronizing serves to optimize scheduling through network.

It'll be possiblie to gather statistics in order to graphicaly preview execution of jobs.

Milestones preview
Early versions of Saturn will be released as defined milestones are reached. You can verify next milestones as above:


  • Basic Time Event handling
  • TimeEvent daemon
  • Crontab-like command line tool
  • Complete installation and package support (at leas .rpm and .deb)
  • Job return value and output redirection to email
  • Single-user support


  • Multiple users support
  • Single and multiple execution (at-like events, number of executions, execution garatee)
  • Avoid problems due to system overload
  • Remote database support
  • Completely replaces cron


  • GUI
  • Total remote control (client/server, remote setup through CLI) and GUI)

More milestones will be added in the future as new versions are released.